It's just started to rain and John's suddenly beginning to look bad. Shivering & sweating. Tells me he needs his medication, he's got diabetes. So he needs to inject himself regularly. Aparently he's almost run out of his medicine. Needs to inject himself again within the next few hours otherwise he'll peg out. He needs it now but he can hardly walk, the pillock. I wasn't going to go. But he did time for me a couple of years ago so if I do this we're quits, or so he says. Anyway I could get some food at the same time, that sounds like a plan.

First I'll go to the Medi-centre on Chilly Road then look for food on the way back. I need a weapon just incase I see any of the diseased but there's not much here apart from a carving knife and some darts. So I take them both. I'm bricking it, but I gotta do it. Going to go out the back way, just in case Danny Tank is still hanging about.

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  1. Good luck man.

    I'm going to check out the Priory again tomorrow. I don't think I'll sleep tonight - aside from the downstairs neighbours there was a crowd gathering in the yard, and hammering on the doors. So I nipped along the roof and the folks I met a few days back have gone. I'll probably stay in their flat though, as I don't think it's safe at mine. Their yard seems clear.

    There were fireworks this evening? Don't know if you saw them. They seem to be coming from wallsend way. The helecopters headed in that direction too?

    Maybe that's the best bet for rescue. Going to get some fireworks tomorrow.