Front Door

Well they've gone from the front door. They got distracted by a bloke flying round the corner on a motorbike and started to follow him. He skidded on the ice down the road though and smacked into a lamp-post. Must of broke a leg coz he couldn't get up. They all shuffled over to him. He was freaking out, crying, screaming, begging them to let him go. They just dropped on him and tore him apart, ate strips of him. After 10 minutes they just shuffled off. Left him there. After another half hour he just got up and started shuffling around like them. Most of him from the chest down was half eaten.

Later on they heard someone screaming from Chillingham Road way, and all shuffled off. I'm getting hungry.


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  2. Jesus - got similar problems here. Got to leave soon I think. My yard now contains a badly injured woman and her six year old kid, both of whome try to attack me when I tried to see if I could help them. She can't stand, just lies in the snow and pulls herself about from time to time. The kid keeps trying to climb onto the shed, which is worrying.

    The other thing i'm seeing a lot of is Rats... as well as whatever kind of swine rabies is infecting folks, we've probably got to worry about cholera and the like too now.

    I'm going to see if I can get back to the Priory. Things looked organised there, and maybe they'll be letting people in.