Danny the Tank 3

They're still there outside the door. Now there's about 15 of them. Moaning, looking grey or green. Covered in blood. Missing body parts. Clothes torn. Eyes blank. Scrapping at the door. They must be The Diseased. Rob said something about zombies, but don't know what that is.

Almost no food left. Am eating Shredded Wheet in LCL. Nearly run out of LCL too.

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  1. A lot of shouting and windows smashing from the downstairs flat earlier today - I wouldn't normally make much of it as they're always at each others throats. The only grown up in that flat is their kid and he's six.

    No response from inside when I went into the yard, banged on the door and shouted, but there was a lot of blood on the broken kitchen window. They must have left.