Food For The Dead Comic

Food for the Dead had a great launch at
Thought Bubble Comics Convention in Leeds.
Much interest was show and sales
were absolutely amazing.
It has an-across-the-board appeal
ranging from
Employees of the Umbrella Corp. to
Rollerskating Zombie Chicks in Gold Hotpants.
Get your copy now.

From 27 Nov Food For The Dead will
also be on sale in
the Travelling Man Comic Shop in Newcastle
or email me here.
Get you copy now!

Food For The Dead
The dead have risen. 
Within seven days the city has been overrun,
terrorising then devouring the living.
The few survivors cower in hiding.

A radio message talking of a colony of survivors is heard by
four of the city’s inhabitants;
Gabriel Fosco, Teri, Marcus and Miss Turner.
They each journey through the ruined city to find sanctuary.
What will they find when they arrive, safety or something far worse?

Food for the Dead is a zombie comic set on Tyneside.
Based on the original idea by Cuttlefish it is a collaborative work scripted, drawn and lettered by a number of North-Eastern comics-makers who form part of the Paperjam Comics Collective.
Food for the Dead will be available soon in the
Travelling Man Newcastle
in the Small Press Comics section.

For more information about Food for the Dead or to order a copy
email me here