Teri, the final character in Food for the Dead.

The fantastic work from Britt Coxon, Chris Hately and Andrew Arrowsmith

Gabriel Fosco - Food for the Dead

A Reflected Portrait of Gabriel Fosco - A great story about urbane and unhinged Gabriel Fosco and his unlucky band of survivors. Created by Paul Thompson and Ian Mayor.

Marcus - Food for the Dead

This is page 1 of Michael Thompson and Andrew Waugh's story about Marcus a sinister loner. Includes St Jame's Park Zombies, the Tyne and Wear Metro system and a well stock rucksack. Great art by Simon Cavanagh and lettering by Daniel Clifford.

Miss Turner - Food for the Dead

One of the four characters in Food for the Dead, Miss Turner. Page 1 of her journey through the ruins of Tyneside to Segedunum.

A dark and haunting little tale from the wonderful team of Daniel Clifford, Iain Milne and Faye Stacey.

Food for the Dead - Page 1

Intro Page for Food for the Dead.

First page of Food for the Dead, a small press Zombie outbreak Comic set on Tyneside. Now available in the Travelling Man Comic Shop in Newcastle.

This page Script & Art Cuttlefish, Lettering Daniel Clifford.

The Dene

The Zs were getting more and more. If I dont go now I'll get swamped. So I run. Through a gap and sprint like hell.

I can feel them tearing at my clothes, scratching at my face. Stinking, moaning, but they didn't manage to bite. Rotten flesh. Lost my bag, just got the scaffolding pole.

I run along the first path I see. This is madness, the trees and bushes are close on either side. Too easy to get trapped. Out off the leaves ahead comes a zombie head. Smack it straight and hard while I'm still running. Head bursts.

The path is leading up. Cant see anything behind, but I can hear them. Can't stop. Gotta find shelter and security.