Medicine 2

Went out the back door and over the back wall in no time. The back lane was quiet, no different to normal. So I kept low and kept moving, hiding behind the wheelie bins. Was going well, not even any bodies. A few cars abandoned. I heard a banging noise like someone knowing on a front door. So I hit the deck & crawled round the corner to see what was going on. There was a bloke in a uniform and clipboard stood outside a house. He didn't look diseased & he looked like a policeman in a hi-vis jacket so I ran up to him, thought he might be rounding us up to get to a safe place.

Bugger! He wasn't a cop or the army or the bloody cavalry, he was a bloody meter reader. His mind was gone, kept saying he had to hit his quota of gas meters read today or he wouldn't get his bonus. But nobody was answering their doors. I shouted at him to get inside and save himself. He looked at me as if I was mad and said he had an identity card and had a job to do. Bollocks to him, he didn't want my help, he'll be eaten soon if he's not careful. So I kept going & he kept knocking on doors.

It was going so easily, until I got to Chilly Road. Nightmare. It looked like every car in Newcastle had driven into every shop and then overturned and caught fire. There were bodies, furniture, bikes, paper, chairs, tables, clothes, money, limbs, clothes, stones, pizza boxes, glass and blood everywhere. Chaos and death. Pain and silence. Nothing alive. I've never been so scared.

Started picking my way through. Knife in one had, dart in the other. Glass crunching, blood squelching. Tried not to look at the bodies, some had been shot, others just torn apart. In the head mainly. Everything smells of oil, blood and smoke. Cars ontop of bikes ontop of body parts. Money laying everywhere. Going slow, taking care, dont want to come across the diseased. A bus had run into a bank. It's front end was jammed in. Could see movement inside, crept up to it keeping low. Not good, full of the diseased. These must be what Rob calls zombies Blank eyes, blood soaked but just shambling about inside. They cant get out, door was jammed. Saw me and started moaning and trying to bite me throught the window. Left quick, before they manage to get out.

Close to the Medi-centre now. I'm sweating, shaking, wet, cold, hungry, tired and scared. But the shop not damaged. Looked in the window, can see a zombie. Old man, probably a lollypop man. He's seen me. Need to get it out so I can get in. I opened the door shouted in, he came for me. Followed me out the shop moaning and stumbling. Got him to follow me up the road, managed to double back and get into the shop. Shut the door and jammed a display stand against it. It was solid. Lolllipop was now outside, snarling and banging his green, bloody face against the window. I'd outsmarted a dribbing moron. I was so happy I threw up on the floor, but I just couldn't stop laughing. I've never felt this good.

Until I saw the other one. Behind the pharmacy counter. Nose missing and coming at me. I'd managed to barricade myself inside with a zombie. And another one outside. Things could be better. I just stood and watched while he lurched towards me. Pissed myself. Couldnt breath. This is it. He got to three feet away and I lashed out. Stuck him with the knife right up to the handle, straight between the ribs. Never phased him. Kept coming, brown sludge dripping from the wound. He went to bite my face. I lashed out again. With the dart. Got him smack in the temple. He collapsed. His knees went and he just pitched sideways. He didn't move. I stared at him for a minute. Then screamed for joy. I was crying with joy. I'd killed one, killed a zombie, one of the living dead. Got other darts and stuck his other temple and the other between the eyes just to make sure. I'd survived.


  1. Just found your blog.
    Fantastic stuff, something to look forward to this coming year, yay!

  2. Thanks Michael. I just hope I survive.

  3. Doesn't really fit into the story, plus a different writing style, and probably technically incorrect about how to kill zombies, but this is the sort of stuff I can churn out fairly easily:


  4. Excellent Rob. I really like it, it would be great to add it.

    You probably did manage to kill it with the blow to the head, the rest was probably a reflex action.