Danny the Tank

Things have taken an odd turn this morning. Looked out the window and saw a bloke lying in the road, he'd been run over. Right over his stomach, burst him in the middle. Looked like he had been hit by a giant red paintball. John & I went outside to look. It was Danny the Tank, big fat tosser who worked on the door in a club in Town. Totally radgy,

He was still moving, as soon as he saw us he rolled over and started pulling himself towards with his arms. But his legs and his hips stayed were they were. He came totally apart in the middle. He was dragging himself along with his guts & intenstines dragging along behind. Skin the colour or porridge. He has mental. Just growling and groaning at us and pulling himself along. He should have been dead. John said he saw a lung fall out. That's not good.

We'd had enough and legged it indoors. Locked the front door. But Dan kept coming. He's now banging against the door (at the bottom), we've put the chain on. John's trying to speak to Dan through the letter box, but he's just moaning. Can't get any sense. Tried phoning for an ambulance but the line's dead. Phoned NHS Direct, but they told me to take Dan to his GP on Monday morning.


  1. I'm back at home. Power came back on briefly this morning, but is off again now. Managed to have a look at the Priory, but it's been sealed off along with the pier. One of those huge twin bladed helecopters comes and goes a lot, as does the air ambulance. I couldn't get close because soldiers were actually shooting people at that end of the street, and it looked like a riot.

    Some kind of disease by the looks of it, so I'm planning to keep myself to myself for a few days. Got plenty of food defrosting now...

  2. Who are they taking away in the choppers, the living, the dead or the diseased?

    It's all quiet here, no helicopters or police. No shooting either. Just really sick people shuffling around. Will probably stay in, got 2 bottles of malt. Pity there's no electricity here, cant play on the X-box.

  3. Don't know whether they were taking or bringing - they're not letting sick people in that's for sure, and I've not been back. Streets look pretty clear outside my flat: there are a few bodies outside the old people's home, nobody moving.

    I can get onto the rooftops from my flat, so might have a look about from there. See if I can get down to the police station.