Shields Road

Went to Shields Road a takeaway. Disaster. Was waiting for the pizza when I heard screaming. Over the road outside the baths there was a gang of people attacking a bloke. They surrounded him and dragged him down, then they just all went for him. It was dark but I could there was claret everywhere, they looked like they were ripping him apart. Saw a police car pull up & the coppers started shooting at them from inside the car. Kept blasting them, but didn't seem to have much effect. They were shooting lumps out of them.

Pizza shop man was watching too. He told me to get out, pushed me out & pulled down the shutters. Tosser, I paid but never got the pizza.

The gang were walking towards the cop car. But they bottled it & drove off. I was left there staring at them. Ugly bastards, covered in blood. I ran. Over the fence & across the metro line. Looks like they didn't follow. I was wrecked when I got home. This place is going to the dogs.


  1. Situation much the same up the coast this evening. Had a nasty encounter on Tynemouth High Street, so am holed up in the Church with some of the folks from the restaurant downstairs until everything calms down.

  2. Did they bring any free food? Or even better booze?

    Are shooting people at the coast too?

  3. They were later on, yes. Decided to stay put because by half eleven the high street was a war zone. There had apparently been people drinking in Cumberland Arms all day and this ended up looking pretty nasty. Some bangs that could have been guns, and some very low flying helecopters at about 4am - I think there must be something going on up at the Priory.

    There look to be bodies in the snow this morning, and a few people still staggering about. Plenty of food in the church cafe, but we're considering our options. Going to work doesn't seem to be one of them, which is a plus.

  4. Was there any music on at the Cumberland?

    A friend called Rob said something about Zombies, do you know what they are? I've never heard of them.