Gotta Move

Food's running low. Can only last a few more days.

Been doing a lot of thinking about what I need. Got to find other people, it's the only way to survive long term. Need to contact them somehow. Best way is with a radio. Anything too loud will attract undead too. Can find out if there are bands of survivors anywhere or government safe havens.

Need a rucksack or pack. Only have a bin bag which is no good for more than a few minutes use. Will have to get one if I want to travel. Also want a med kit. Even a small injury could be fatal now.

Want a better weapon than my scaffolding pole, possibly a shotgun or maybe an axe. Want to avoid the zombies totally rather than fight them. A gun might just attact them.

Gotta move soon. Couple more days


  1. Sorry I've not been in touch, ran out of batteries. The coast has been a nightmare. Me and a couple of other folks I met in attics nearby decided to see if we could find out what was going on at the Priory peninsula.

    We saw some nasty stuff on the way, and one of the chaps lost his young kid brother. Anyway, we met up with a guy back at the church who reckons they were using the area inside the Priory as a quarantine area. Letting folks basically sit there in groups until one or more of them go rabid and killing the whole group.

    I don't quite get the details, but it seems one group looked at the odds, changed their minds and decided not to wait to be eaten and would rather chance it on the outside. The fascists policing the quarantine had let it get to their heads a bit, so things boiled over pretty quick and nasty.

    So, the army are more or less in charge of the priory again now, and there's a couple of really big ships out in the north sea, but go anywhere near Tynemouth and someone shoots at you, so there's five of us are heading north up the coast, maybe things will be better outside of the towns.

  2. Good luck. I'm going to try to get into town. Want to find some gear and a weapon. Try to find other survivors. Can't survive alone.