Christ I've just been out this morning. Roads were deserted. Tried to get down Benfield Road, but there was a roadblock. Police all over the place, ever one had a gun. Half were in riot gear. I knew there was something going on, some looked injured. They wouldn't let me any further. There was an ambulance as well, smashed windscreen, looked like in had hit something. Asked them what was going on, they kept saying Go Home & Stay Indoors. That's all they would say.

Power still out, smells of burning. All quiet. Might go to the Northumberland Hussar for Sunday dinner.

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  1. Power was out in the Hussar. No draught beer. Had to have a couple of bottles. It was empty apart from one bloke. He was smashed. Said he was drinking in the Anson on Wallsend High Street yesterday when it all kicked off. Said there were police everywhere with guns. He wouldn't say any more. Started crying and kept drinking.
    No sunday dinner. Had a couple of bags of beef flavoured crisps.